How to Make Your Workout More Fun - 10 tips

Remember back in January? Yeah, I am talking about those new years resolutions. What were yours and how's it going with them so far? Are you still on the right track or are you lacking motivation? It is perfectly normal to feel a little less motivated from time to time. So, we're going to pick those new resolutions up again in April (ah well, better late than never, right?). Here are 10 tips to make working out more fun and getting you started. Again. 

1. Choose to move

Working out is all about the right mindset. Set up your goals and keep that focus, all day, everyday. This way you will choose to move and it will be a promise you keep with yourself. In the end, that is the person you are doing it for.

2. Travel

Working out in new environments adds excitement and spontaneity, testing and building mental and physical strength while experiencing new places and meeting new people.

3. Build community

The reason I became obsessed with fitness is because I saw results and I loved the atmosphere and motivation of group fitness. My tip is to find a workout and community that you're passionate about and you will no doubt have more fun. If you're dreading going to the gym or running 5 miles in the heat, switch it up and see if you can find a home away from away in your fitness experience.

4. Get outside!

When I move in this way, I have more stamina and my body feels super energized and strong when I am finished, rather than drained and depleted.

5. Create a badass playlist

Make your playlist specific to what you are going to do. This way you will keep up to the beat and will give just that little extra push to get moving.

6. Round up the squad

It sounds cliche, but I get by with a little help from my friends. There's nothing better than gathering the crew, going for a ride and enjoying coffee, breakfast or a dip in the pool after. We suffer and celebrate together!

7. Set a goal

Pick an event or race on the calendar a few months away and train for it. When you're training for something specific you can track your progress and it feels like less of a "stay in shape" chore and more like a journey with fun and purpose.

8. Dress the part

I have more fun working out when I like the outfit I am wearing. My tip is to treat yourself to a new top or a pair of your favorite workout pants that you look and feel good in. If you feel good, you will work out harder and have at the same time.

9. Music and humor

This is what add lightness to the subject. Don't take yourself, your workout and even life too seriously. You won't gain anything more from it when you do. So let's turn up that fun music and goof around a little. Who said workouts couldn't be fun and filled with laughter?

10. Find the group workout that's right for you

Working out with a group of people helps to challenge you and create a fun atmosphere that will change the dynamic, the workout, and your attitude. Get out there and try different workouts to see which  style/type will work best for you! You'll never regret a workout but you will definitely regret NOT getting one in!

I hope these 10 tips will help to crush that workout of yours!